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I am not your typical birder. In fact, I am not a birder at all. I've never taken a birding trip, and I have difficulty remembering the names of many of the birds I see in and around my yard.


But, I love birds. About ten years ago, I noticed my mother getting exited about some bird on her backyard bird feeder. I laughed and she laughed, and it was in that exchange of smiles and laughter that I realized birds brought her great joy and peace. You can never have enough joy and peace, so I decided why not open my eyes and ears?


So, I did and since have been steadily filled with calm and comfort from the simple pleasure of watching and listening to birds while going about my day. Birds are graceful, colorful, musical, and full of curious behavior. A few minutes observing birds are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and peace to your soul.


I had this idea for some simple web applications for identifying birds and keeping your life list or bird journal a few years ago. When I excited the rat race in 2009, I started building it. A few months later, I had a chance meeting with an old college friend who was struggling to keep his business moving forward in the tough economy. Turns out it was a birdhouse business, and he too loves birds!


It was fate. I couldn't resist; we teamed up, and so was born BirdingBirds. The plump yellow bird is me, and the other is Jeff.


BirdingBirds is a private, Atlanta Georgia based company. Yes, we do now sell birdhouses - that is how we pay the rent – with a portion of all bird-related sales going to non-profit organizations like Audubon. But, the bird applications are free, and hopefully our contribution to a little peace and comfort in your busy life. So, enjoy them and please let us know how we can make them better for you!


CEO and Founder

David Ryan

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