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BirdingBirds is a free site with cool apps and great information for people who like birds.

So, what does that mean, "like birds?" It means you are one of the 60 million people in the USA defined as a "casual birder." Yup, there was a study by Uncle Sam that says so. If you have ever sat on your porch with a lemonade, glass of Chardonnay, or a cold beer and spotted a cool bird in your backyard, you are a casual birder – you like birds! Of course, you might be a member of Audubon and may even have gone on some local bird watching trip (within 5 miles of your house according to the US government). That makes you a bird liker as well.

Fair to say, we built this site for you, the casual, backyard birder - someone who thinks birds are fun to spot and watch. Hard core birders might have some reservations about the site (although they shouldn't). BirdingBirds is for the kind of people who would prefer snorkeling to strapping on scuba gear and diving to 120 feet, if you understand the analogy.

You don't have to trek to the Brazilian rain forest to see amazing birds. You can enjoy colorful, beautiful birds in your back yard year round, and never stray too far from the convenience of your couch, AC, and refrigerator. You will be amazed at what you see.

And, don't let people look at you funny when you tell them you like birds. Birds are as colorful and interesting as fish and other wildlife. Since they are all around us all the time, we've just become too used to them to notice the amazing colors, behavior, and incredible design.

"Stop and smell the roses" my mother always said to me. One day I did and wow, how great it has been ever since. Backyard birding is fun, inexpensive, easy, and a great family hobby. So, come on and join now. It is 100% free.


You can search for and view photos and information on nearly 1000 birds found in North American. Information and photos are updated on an ongoing basis. From the Encyclopedia, you can also link to the Journal and see photos and sightings of posted by other members.


You must join to use the Journal - it's free. Then, you can add sightings in your own personal bird journal. Sightings are simply records of the birds you have seen. In most states, you can see 200 or more different birds in and around your back yard. In some, the number is much higher. You can even upload photos with your sightings. If you don't have a photo to upload, we'll provide one for your Journal from our community. Any photos you upload are viewable to the community and might be used in the Encyclopedia (with credits to you of course), so please do not upload anything but your own photos.

Your Journal will track what you have seen, what you might be able to see in your area, and score your total sightings based on the commonality of the bird. If you see a bird you don't know, you can use the Encyclopedia to search for it, or even post a photo for id by our community bird experts.

Aggregated sighting data (no names or personal information) will also made available to Audubon and other scientific and conservation groups for bird research.

Have fun!

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