Blue-headed Vireo

General description.

The adult male has white underparts and yellowish flanks; a stout bill and thick blue-grey legs. His head color seems to change from slate-gray to blue-gray in different light. This bird, was formerly known as the "Solitary Vireo" because of his reluctance to share any of man's habitations. However, it is very tame, and in its forest habitat, will let itself be lifted from the nest and stroked. The "Blue-headed Vireo moves his head deliberately from one side to the other in search of a caterpillar or beetle.

Female appearance.

The female looks very similar to her mate.

Breeding habits.

The "Blue-headed Vireo" breeds from British Columbia south to the Great Lakes and New England, and in the Appalachians to North Carolina.

Calls or song.

One of the most tuneful vireo songs, the "Blue-headed Vireo's" is a series of sweet, slurred whistled phrases, interrupted by pauses, very much like the "Red-eyed Vireo".

Nesting habits.

The male "Blue-headed Vireo" hauls bits of bark, leaves, moss, grass and vegetable down, which the female weaves into a basket-like cradle and binds to the fork of a low limb. Cowbirds frequently leave eggs in her nest, but she sometimes thwarts the parasite by covering them up and laying her own on top.

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