California Towhee

General description.

The "California Towhee" or "Brown Towhee", is dull brown overall with the above exceptions. It has a noticeably long tail, and its appearance is that of a large, plain sparrow.

Female appearance.

There is little difference between the sexes.

Breeding habits.

The male is very aggressive in breeding season and attacks rivals (even his own reflection in a window) with fury. The "California Towhee" breeds and resides from Oregon to Arizona and central Texas.

Calls or song.

During breeding, the male will squawk angrily if his territory is encroached upon. Otherwise he sings in a harsh monotone, "chink-chink-ink-ink-ink-ink-ink-ink".

Population and distribution.

Gardeners are familiar with the thieving Brown, or "California Towhee". They steal tender peas and lettuce, as well as fruit from orchards.

Nesting habits.

The female "California Towhee" makes a cup-like nest just a few feet off the ground, but well protected by foliage, in which she lays 3-4 bluish eggs with dark spots. She raises two broods per year.

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