American Black Duck
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General description.

Because he isn't really black at, the "American Black Duck" was formerly known as "Dusky Duck". Additional characteristics are his olive bill and white wing linings.

Female appearance.

The female "Black Duck" is similar to the male, but paler. Her bill is mottled orange and black. She has whitish tail feathers.

Breeding habits.

Breeding takes place in eastern and central North America, from Manitoba and Labrador.

Calls or song.

Unsurprisingly, these ducks "quack".

Population and distribution.

The "American Black Duck" winters, north and south in the eastern part of the United States. Fewer and fewer 'pure' Blacks are propagated these days, as inbreeding with Mallards is frequent due to habitat destruction. In heavily hunted areas, these "dabbling ducks" ingest large amounts of lead shot that cause a high rate of mortality.

Nesting habits.

The "American Black Duck" lays 9-12 greenish eggs, on the ground, in a nest of feathers and down.

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