American Tree Sparrow
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General description.

Resembling the Chipping Sparrow, the American Tree Sparrow has white wing bars, is streaked brown above, and plain gray below with a dark "button" in the middle of his breast.

Breeding habits.

In Spring, the Tree Sparrow heads to its breeding grounds in the tundra from Alaska eastward over Northern Canada to Newfoundland. It inhabits Arctic fields and thickets.

Calls or song.

Their feeding song, "teelwit", sounds like the tinkling of tiny bells.

Population and distribution.

Depending on the weather, the American Tree Sparrow arrives, in droves, in the Continental United States in the Fall to forage through the winter snow until Spring. Others make it easy by accepting handouts at feeders. Fewer sparrows appear during mild winters.

Nesting habits.

The Tree Sparrow builds a nest of strips of bark and weeds, well insulated with feathers and hair. This they tuck under a tussock among tundra dwarf willows and shrubs. The female lays three to five spotted greenish eggs.
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