American Wigeon
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General description.

Also called "Baldpate", both male and female American Wigeons have white shoulder patches and pale blue bills. The shoulder markings make these ducks easily visible in flight.

Female appearance.

The female wigeon is mottled brown with a grayish head.

Breeding habits.

The American Wigeon breeds from Alaska southward as far as Nevada, the Dakotas and Great Lakes region.

Calls or song.

This duck quacks as ducks do, as well as whistling a distinctive "whew-whew-whew".

Population and distribution.

The American Wigeon inhabits marshes, ponds and shallow lakes along all our coasts during the winter season. They swim with diving birds, such as coots, Redheads and Canvasbacks, and wait for those aquatics to surface, then snatch their food. The American Wigeon will also graze, like geese, in grain fields and meadows.

Nesting habits.

These ducks make their nests of grass, lined with down, which they place several hundred yards from the waterline. The female wigeon lays 9-11 cream colored eggs.

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