American Yellow Warbler

General description.

The male "Yellow Warbler" is recognizable by the rusty vertical steaks down his chest, and is the only yellow warbler with "yellow spots" on the tail vs. "white spots".

Breeding habits.

The "Yellow Warbler" breeds across North America from west to east coast and south to southern California, northern Oklahoma and Georgia.

Calls or song.

Their song is a medley "sweet-sweet-sweet, sweeter-than-sweet". The call is a sharp "chip".

Population and distribution.

The" Yellow Warbler" resides mostly along streams and swampy areas. It also likes to visit domestic gardens. In our area, the Cow Bird is this warbler's nemeses, usurping its nest to lay a large egg. The "Yellow Warbler" responds by burying it and some of her own. Because of its geographical range, the "Yellow Warbler" is one of the most widespread of warblers. These birds migrate to the tropics in winter.

Nesting habits.

She makes a neat cup of bark, plant fibers and down (some people attract the female by tying raw cotton to a branch), in which she lays four to five pale blue eggs, spotted with brown. This nest is placed in the fork of sapling.

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