Brown Towhee

General description.

The "Canyon Towhee", formerly considered the "Brown Towhee", is slightly paler and grayer than the "California Towhee". In addition to the above tags, he has cinnamon-buff undertail coverts. This is a large, long-tailed sparrow that sticks to the ground and low bushes.

Juvenile appearance.

The young "Canyon Towhee" lacks the rufous crown, is faintly streaked below and has narrow, buff wing bars.

Breeding habits.

This is a southwestern species, that is sedentary and breeds and lives, year round, in a variety of arid habitats.

Calls or song.

The "Canyon Towhee" calls an odd, "shed-lp" or "kedlp". His song opens with the call note, which is followed by some sweet, slurred duets of lisping sounds.

Population and distribution.

This bird is a common resident of scrub, canyon slopes and desert-community backyards.

Nesting habits.

The "Canyon Towhee" will place its nest in a small tree or shrub three to twelve feet up. It is a bulky cup of twigs and grasses, in which she lays three to four eggs.
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