Chipping Sparrow

General description.

This small sparrow has brown upperparts, streaked with black; his underparts, sides of face and rump are gray.

Juvenile appearance.

Young birds have a streaked crown, buff eyebrow and duller underparts.

Breeding habits.

The "Chipping Sparrow" breeds from the Yukon southeast and west throughout Canada and the United States.

Calls or song.

This bird sings on one note for hours in a thin, musical trill.

Population and distribution.

Forsaking the edge of forests with abundant underbrush, the "Chipping Sparrow" has become a familiar sight in our gardens and parks of city and suburb. They head for our southern border and Mexico in winter.

Nesting habits.

The "Chipping Sparrow" is sometimes called the "Hairbird" for lining its grassy nest with hair. This was formerly horsehair, but with the decline in the use of horses, the bird takes hair wherever available, even from sleeping dogs. In the nest, she lays 3-5 pale blue eggs, spotted with brown, which is placed a shrub, young conifer or porch vine.
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