Evening Grosbeak

General description.

The "Evening Grosbeak" is the most distinguished member of the finch family. It is starling-sized with a brown head and neck set off by a bright yellow forehead and eyebrow. His back is brown and runs to yellow on the lower part. Rump and underparts are also yellow. His wing patches are bold white.

Female appearance.

The female is similar, but gray.

Breeding habits.

The breeding habitat is coniferous and mixed forest across Canada and the western mountainous areas of the United States and Mexico. Formerly breeding no further than Minnesota, the "Evening Grosbeak" is now enabled, by available food from feeders, to survive the cold and has expanded its breeding range east to the Atlantic.

Calls or song.

The "Evening Grosbeak" sings a series of short, musical whistles. The call note is a chirp like the "House Sparrow".

Population and distribution.

These finches are more numerous in some years than in others. The migration of this bird is variable; in some winters, it may wander as far south as the southern U.S.

Nesting habits.

"Evening Grosbeaks" build a loose nest of twigs and rootlets, which they place within the branches of a conifer. There the female lays 3-4 pale blue-green eggs speckled with brown, gray and olive.
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