Gray Kingbird

General description.

Thanks for your patience. We haven't completed content on this bird. While we work on it, here is some information from Frank Chapman, author of "What Bird is That." >>>>>> GRAY KINGBIRD Tyrannus dominicensis dominicensis. Case 7, Fig. 7 Resembles the Kingbird but is lighter gray, and the tail lacks the conspicuous white tip. Range. West Indies, nesting north through Florida to southeastern South Carolina; winters to South America; reaches Florida early in May. A not uncommon summer resident in parts of Florida and the coastal region of Georgia and South Carolina, with the general habits and appearance of our Kingbird,[38] but with a quite different call which suggests the words pitrri-pitrri. It nests in May, laying four salmon-colored eggs, marked with dark brown and lilac.

Flight pattern.

Direct and hovering.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

peCHEER-ry and trii-ill-ill-it

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The Gray Kingbird nests in trees and shrubs and lays 3-5 pale pink eggs in May.

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