Spotted Sandpiper
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General description.

The Spotted Sandpiper, one of the most well-known shorebird in North America, has very striking plumage. The black spots on its breast give this bird a distinct look that sets it apart from other birds. This bird is widespread throughout North America. It can often be spotted on the shores of rivers searching for small fish and crustaceans to feed upon. The Spotted Sandpiper nests in a scrape in the ground or a saucer shaped nest. If this bird is seen in flight, be sure to look for the short white wing stripe that helps to identify this bird.

Female appearance.

Larger than males.

Flight pattern.

Direct. Usually flies low and over water.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.


Population and distribution.

The Spotted Sandpiper is widely distributed throughout North America.

Nesting habits.

This bird nests in a scrape in the ground and lays 3-5 brown, green, or pink eggs.
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