Boreal Owl

General description.

The Boreal Owl is strictly nocturnal and during the daytime perches close to the trunk of a large tree so that it is concealed. This bird is uncommon, but if it is seen it will be at night in a thick forest hunting the rodents that it eats. Though usually silent, during breeding season the male Boreal Owl calls to females until it has mated. This bird is polygamous and can raise one brood per year. This bird nests on trees and will even nest in man-made nest boxes. The Boreal Owl is a very uncommon bird and is vulnerable to logging.

Juvenile appearance.

The juvenile Boreal Owl is brown all over and has a white X on its face.

Flight pattern.

Direct, short flights.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

ting, ting, ting, ting and hoo

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The Boreal Owl nests in trees and dead trees and lays 2-6 white eggs.
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