White-throated Swift
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General description.

The White-throated Swift is a bird that flies with incredible speed. In fact, this bird is one of the fastest in North America, diving from cliffs at speeds up to 200 mph. In order to catch the insects on which it feeds, this bird darts around in the air with its mouth open. White-throated Swifts will travel miles from their nest site to find food. This bird traditionally nests in crevices in rock faces or on cliffs, but more recently nests have been found under freeway overpasses. A social bird, the White-throated Swift is seldom seen alone. It has only one mate, but nests in colonies. Even when not nesting, it can be found in large groups. Populations of the White-throated Swift are stable. This bird winters in South America and Mexico and comes into the United States to nest.

Flight pattern.

Sometimes directly from place to place and other times this bird darts erratically from place to place.

Breeding habits.

The White-throated Swift nests on cliffs and in crevices and lays 3-6 white eggs.

Calls or song.

he he he

Population and distribution.

Common in mountains near canyons and cliffs.

Nesting habits.


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