Eurasian Wigeon

General description.

A species of dabbling duck, both sexes of the "Eurasian Wigeon" have large white shoulder patches and a dull blue bill. Unlike most other ducks, they obtain a good deal of food by grazing at night.

Female appearance.

The female wigeon is mottled rust colored.

Breeding habits.

As its name implies, this duck breeds in Eurasia, but is turning up more frequently in North America, along both Coasts, where it joins it cousin, the "American Wigeon".

Calls or song.

The "Eurasian Wigeon" pipes a two-noted whistle, "pjiew pjiew".

Population and distribution.

A shy duck, the "Eurasian Wigeon" is a popular game bird in China, however, it is protected in most other countries.

Nesting habits.

It nests on the ground, near water and under cover. In a down-lined nest of grass, the female "Eurasian Wigeon" lays 7-8 cream-white eggs.

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