General description.

This medium sized duck can also be identified by the white patch on the hind edge of his wing, and his black rump. The "Gadwall" is the most abundant species of waterfowl in North America. A favorite target of hunters. they call this bird the "Gray Duck".

Female appearance.

The female "Gadwall" is mottled brown and is also marked with the white wing patch. Her bill is orange.

Breeding habits.

These ducks breed mainly in freshwater marshes, ponds and rivers in prairie and parkland habitats in the middle regions of the United States, but also around the Great Lakes and, locally, along both coasts.

Calls or song.

The most common call of the "Gadwall" is a deep "burp", uttered singly or in multiples. Another vocalization is a "grunt-whistle". The female quacks, but both sexes chatter, "tickety-tickety-tickety" while feeding or in flight.

Population and distribution.

The "Gadwall" ranges more widely throughout the North Temperate Zone than any other duck.

Nesting habits.

The "Gadwall" lays 9-11 cream colored eggs in a nest of grass, which she lines with her own down. She hides it near the water, but also in upland fields.

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