American Pipit
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General description.

Also known as "Water Pipit", the American Pipit is sparrow sized and walks rather than hops. It distinguishes itself by constantly nodding its head and bobbing its tail. Its upperparts and crown are brown; underparts buff with streaking; white outer tail feathers; black legs

Flight pattern.

Gathering in large flocks in open fields, the American Pipit, when disturbed or in migration, rises in unison, wheels, turns and glides across the sky.

Breeding habits.

This pipit breeds from Northern Alaska, across the Arctic islands to Newfoundland and south through the Western mountains of the United State.

Calls or song.

The call of the Pipit is, obviously, "pip-pip". Yet from high in the air, his flight song is a series of "chwee-chwee-chwee-chwee-chwee".

Population and distribution.

The American Pipit inhabits many venues from beaches and salt flats to open fields, to mountain treetops to golf courses. The bird winters across the southern United States.

Nesting habits.

A mated pair of American Pipits builds a nest of grass and twigs under the shelter of a rock. There the female lays four or five thickly spotted gray eggs, streaked with black.

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