Florida Scrub Jay
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General description.

The Florida Scrub Jay, a threatened bird restricted to the scrublands in Florida, is an intelligent, curious bird. This bird tends to steal and hide shiny items like forks and jewelry. This bird is uncommon, but when it is seen, it will be seen in the dense scrub vegetation searching for food. The Florida Scrub Jay feeds on a wide variety of items such as bird eggs, insects, and even nuts. It is very friendly with humans and will even feed out of a human's hand. During the breeding season, a mated pair will raise one brood per year and care for it. Then the fledglings from that brood will stay with their parents for years after to help care for younger nestlings. This bird is uncommon and declining to the habitat loss.

Juvenile appearance.

Juvenile Florida Scrub Jays have brown heads and backs, but the rest of their body is live the adults.

Flight pattern.

Direct with steady wing beats.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

quay-quay-quay or cheek-cheek-cheek

Population and distribution.

Uncommon. Restricted to the oak scrub area of Central Florida.

Nesting habits.

The Florida Scrub Jay nests in trees and shrubs and lays 2-5 pale green eggs in May.

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