Great Egret
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Great Egret Photo Great Egret Photo

General description.

Formerly known by many names, "White Egret", "Great White Heron", "American Egret", etc., this elegant and stately wading bird flaunts his long lacy plumes during breeding season.

Breeding habits.

The "Great Egret" breeds locally from Oregon south to Mexico; from Minnesota to the Mississippi Valley and along the Atlantic Coast in Southern New England.

Calls or song.

Most of the "Great Egret's" vocalizations are associated with breeding: a harsh, "skok", a high-pitched "eeee-i-eeee, a loud, "kroogh", a rough staccato, "rowk-rowk-rowk". Pairs repeat a loud, two-note, "arre-arre" when returning to the nest. Outside of breeding season, they sometimes produce, "kraaks" or "frawnks" when alarmed.

Population and distribution.

These egrets inhabit freshwater and salt marshes, ponds and tidal flats. They winter north along the Pacific Coast to Oregon, in the Southwest, Texas and Gulf States and on the Atlantic Coast north to New Jersey.

Nesting habits.

The female "Great Egret" produces 3-5 pale blue-green eggs, laid on a platform of sticks in a tree or bush.
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