Burrowing Owl

General description.

The Burrowing Owl is a small owl that lives in grassland and prairies. This bird can be found at night perching on the ground of fence posts in search of the large insects that it eats. The Burrowing Owl nests in burrows in the ground and will dig its own burrow. It will also use abandoned burrows made by prairie dogs and man-made burrows. The Burrowing Owl nests in colonies and mated pairs raise 1-2 broods per year. This bird is common, but only locally and is actually listed as endangered or threatened in most places. Populations have declined due to prairie dog poison and habitat loss.

Juvenile appearance.

Juvenile Burrowing Owls lack the streaks on the chest that the adults have and they have fewer spots on their back as well.

Flight pattern.

Erratic darting. May sometimes hover.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

coo-coo-roo or co-hoo and chack

Population and distribution.

Common, but local.

Nesting habits.

The Burrowing Owl nests on the ground and lays 7-10 white eggs in March.

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