Tufted Titmouse
 Photo Tufted Titmouse Photo Tufted Titmouse Photo
Tufted Titmouse Photo Tufted Titmouse Photo

General description.

The Tufted titmouse is a large, gray Titmouse, with a conspicuous crest, black forehead, and reddish brown flanks. It has whitish gray belly with a small black bill. The loud peto, peto, peto of the Tufted Titmouse can be confused only with certain notes of the Carolina Wren, but while skillful stalking is required to see the Wren, one may walk up and inspect the Tufted Titmouse with little or no caution. When the Tufted Titmouse sees us he may change his call to a hoarse dee-dee-dee, which at once betrays his relationship to the Chickadee.

Flight pattern.

Direct or rollercoaster

Breeding habits.

Monogamous, mates for life.

Population and distribution.

The Tufted titmouse nests from the Gulf States north to New Jersey and Nebraska. Resident, except at the northern limit of its range.

Nesting habits.

The Tufted Titmouse nest is made in a hole, and the 5-8 white, brown-marked eggs are laid in April.

Buying feeders.

The tfted titmouse will eat sunflower seeds, suet and other seeds from a feeder.
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