Cedar Waxwing
 Photo Cedar Waxwing Photo Cedar Waxwing Photo
Cedar Waxwing Photo Cedar Waxwing Photo

General description.

The crest of a Cedar Waxwing is as expressive as a horse's ears. One moment it points skyward; the next it flattens and disappears. Cedar Waxwings are as sociable as "Love Birds," often traveling in very large flocks. It is not uncommon for one of these large flocks to descend upon a berry bush and pick it completely clean in no time. The Cedar Waxwing feeds mainly on small fruit, both wild and cultivated, but it also is an expert flycatcher. The Cedar Waxwing has a black bridle, a conspicuous crest, red tips on secondary feathers, and a tail tipped with yellow.

Female appearance.


Juvenile appearance.

Similar but does not have the red wax tips on the wings.

Flight pattern.

Rapid flight with quick strokes and frequent gliding with wings pulled tight.

Breeding habits.

The Cedar waxwing is monogamous.

Calls or song.

zeeet or zeee

Population and distribution.

The Cedar Waxwing nests from North Carolina and Kansas to Canada; winters irregularly throughout the United States.

Nesting habits.

The Cedar Waxwing nest in June typically in a shade tree or fruit tree. The Cedar Waxwing nest is well-made for the clay-colored black-spotted eggs.

Buying feeders.

Will eat berries and fruit from a bird feeder.

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