Canada Goose
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General description.

A beautiful bird, because it has become so domesticated, the "Canada Goose" is, nevertheless, a nuisance on golf courses, parks and playgrounds for "soiling the soil", so to speak. It is related to the "Brant", which is smaller and lacks the white cheek patch.

Flight pattern.

The aerodynamic "V" shape flight pattern during migration is a familiar sight in spring and fall.

Breeding habits.

Like the robin, the "Canada Goose" is a harbinger of spring, returning to breed from Alaska east to Baffin Island and south to California, Illinois and Massachusetts. It chooses lakes, bays, rivers and marshes.

Calls or song.

Their rich musical honking announces the arrival of the Canada Geese long before their long wedges are seen in the sky

Population and distribution.

The population of the "Canada Goose" is better than some ducks because they can graze in fields and are not as dependent on aquatic food. They fly in large flocks to winter along the Gulf Coast and Mexico.

Nesting habits.

The "Canada Goose" will build a large nest of grass on the ground near the water, or sometimes in the abandoned nests of ospreys and eagles.

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