General description.

The "Bufflehead", known as the "Butterball" is "chubby" and the smallest diving duck. His majestic black head gleams with greenish and purple hues.

Female appearance.

The female "Bufflehead" is all dark with a single white patch on her cheek.

Flight pattern.

These are fast fliers with rapid wing beats.

Breeding habits.

These ducks breed on wooded lakes and ponds from Alaska eastward to Quebec and southward in the mountains of Washington and Montana.

Calls or song.

The male's call is a squeaky whistle; the female quacks.

Population and distribution.

This is the most easily identified duck, and can be found, traveling in small parties, along both coasts. It winters in the southern United States.

Nesting habits.

Because of her diminutive size, the "Bufflehead" can make her nest in the Woodpecker's cavity in trees from ground level up to 20 feet high. Here she lays 6-12 ivory eggs in a nest made of down.
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