Barrow's Goldeneye
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General description.

In addition to his coloring, "Barrow's Goldeneye" can be identified by his yellow, 'stubby' bill and the crescent-shaped white spot in front of his 'golden' eye. Both male and female have small, white wing patches.

Female appearance.

The female is gray with a brown head, orange-yellow bill and "white collar".

Breeding habits.

Mainly, the goldeneye breeds from Alaska south through the mountainous parts of California and Wyoming. Smaller numbers breed in Quebec and Labrador.

Calls or song.

These ducks are usually silent except when courting with grunts and croaks.

Population and distribution.

The "Barrow's Goldeneye" population seems to be in decline in the East and is outnumbered by the "Common Goldeneye". They are more successful in the Canadian Maritime, however. They prefer alpine lakes in high elevations. They winter on open bays and estuaries along the Pacific Coast and can be found as far south as Long Island on the East Coast.

Nesting habits.

The female Goldeneye makes her nest of down in the hollow of a tree or in a treeless area, in a crevice of a rock.
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