Green Heron

General description.

The Green Heron is just a little larger than the crow, but much more visually interesting. His neck and breast is rust colored with some white striping. His bill is dark, and he has a yellow eyebrow above a yellow iris, which turns to orage during mating season. His yellow legs also become a most distinguishable orange during this period. The Green Heron feeds along mudbanks. Standing still, it stretches its neck and bill forward, and in a lightning manner, spears unlucky fish with its lethal bill.

Flight pattern.

Inconspicuous among reeds, the Green Heron is mostly seen as it flies off uttering its sharp call.

Breeding habits.

The Green Heron breeds in fresh and brackish water in marshes with clumps of trees, throughout the midwest and eastern parts of the United States from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.

Calls or song.

A sharp "kyowk" or "skyow".

Population and distribution.

The Green Heron winters on the Coast of California , Arizona and along the Gulf Coast of Texas. It can also be found on the Atlantic Coast north to South Carolina.

Nesting habits.

3-6 pale green or blue eggs in a loosely constructed nest of sticks, which are laid in a tree or dense thicket.
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