General description.

The beachcomber Sanderling is a small, plump "peep" that runs before breaking waves, then follows their retreat, probing with its stout bill in the wet sand for minute crustaceans, worms and molllusks. In winter, the rufous coloring turns to pale gray, which has resulted in the nickname "whitey".

Breeding habits.

The Sanderling breeds on Arctic islands in Alaska and Canada.

Calls or song.

Listen for a short "kip" from this always-in-a-hurry sandpiper.

Population and distribution.

The ubiquitous Sanderling is found on every beach on the East, West and Gulf Coasts summer and winter. It also inhabits mudflats and shores of lakes and rivers.

Nesting habits.

Sanderlings line a shallow depression with soft grass or leaves to deposit 4 olive eggs spotted with brown.
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