Red Knot

General description.

In breeding plumage, the Red Knot is a handsome shorebird, but once the season is over, he becomes every day dull gray with faint markings.

Flight pattern.

Some of these hearty birds make a round trip, every year, of over 20,000 miles from breeding area to wintering.

Breeding habits.

The Red Knot breeds in the High Arctic on islands from Victoria Island to Greenland.

Calls or song.

This bird emits a low-pitched reedy whistle.

Population and distribution.

The Red Knot migrates over both coasts, wintering from California and Massachusetts southward, inhabiting mudflats, rocky shores and beaches along the way. Some make it all the way to Patagonia. Harvesting of horseshow crabs is now illegal, as these birds depend upon their eggs as they go.

Nesting habits.

The Red Knot lays 4 olive-buff eggs in a depression among rocks, which it lines with lichen.
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