Stilt Sandpiper

General description.

The Stilt Sandpiper resembles the dowitcher and yellowleg. It is boldly barred below during breeding. In non-breeding season, the chestnut and other markings turn to gray, but this bird can be readily recognized by his white eyebrow. Another clue to his identity among small shorebirds is the way he moves in small, jerky motions.

Juvenile appearance.

The immature Stilt Sandpiper is similar to the nonbreeding adult, but browner.

Breeding habits.

These sandpipers breed in the Arctic tundra of North America.

Calls or song.

The Stilt Sandpiper sounds a brief, "tu-tu."

Population and distribution.

The Stilt Sandpiper prefers to inhabit inland pools and the shorelines of ponds and lakes, rather than coastline. It winters, like a millionaire, in Southern California, the Gulf Coast and Florida.

Nesting habits.

The female lays 4 buff eggs in a nest of grass on the ground.

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