Cory's Shearwater

General description.

If you could view it, this shearwater sports some dark coloring on its long wings and thier tips. Unlike other shearwaters, Cory's does not wear a dark cap. Its tubed nose beak is yellow. Cory's Shearwater is an offshore bird, rarely seen. It forages at night, and again, unlike others of its kind, does not follow ships for food.

Flight pattern.

Several flaps and a stiffed-winged sail barely clearing the water.

Breeding habits.

The Cory's Shearwater is the only large shearwater that breeds in the Northern Hemisphere. It breeds in the East Atlantic and also the Mediterranean.

Calls or song.

Silent at sea while at rest, however on its breeding ground, populated by thousands of other shearwaters, Cory's Shearwater howls and gurgles so loudly that sailing ships called those islands 'haunted'.

Population and distribution.

Off the East Coast from Newfoundland to Maryland.

Nesting habits.

Cory's Shearwater produces one white egg, which it lays in a rock crevice or open ground on one of the Maritime Islands.
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