Anna's Hummingbird
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General description.

Named for the Dutchess of Rivoli, Ann's Hummingbird's raiment is just as spectacular, seeming, at one glance, to cast a purplish hue with sparks of copper and green and, at another, to fade into the velvety black of night.

Female appearance.

The female Anna's Hummingbird has a green crown and spotted throat.

Flight pattern.

During courtship, the male Anna's Hummingbird climbs to an astonishing height then power-dives in a circle to within inches of the female's perching place.

Breeding habits.

This is the only hummingbird that breeds entirely in one state, California. The female will usually brood twice a year.

Calls or song.

During the nuptial ritual, the male 'Anna's' emits a "bark" followed by a squeaky serenade on the upswing.

Population and distribution.

The Anna's Hummingbird's range is limited to California, the Baja Peninsula, southern Arizona and New Mexico.

Nesting habits.

Anna's Hummingbird will build a nest in a wooded canyon, citrus grove of even a utility pole, wherever water is near. They make a platform of soft down, where two white eggs are laid. After hatching, Anna's Hummingbird finishes the walls.
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