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General description.

The Chuck-will's-widow, a bird of the nighthawk family, is named for its call. This bird has very interesting plumage, designed to blend in with the forest floor. All nighthawks have rather similar plumage and it may be easier to identify the bird from its call rather than its appearance. This bird is nocturnal and feeds on insects in flight. During the day, this bird perches on a tree in a way that it is impossible to see unless it moves due to its plumage. The Chuck-will's-widow lays its eggs on bare soil with no nest built. Populations of this bird are common but declining due to habitat loss.

Flight pattern.

Erratic darting.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.


Population and distribution.

Fairly common.

Nesting habits.

The Chuck-will's-widow nests on the ground and lays 2 pinkish eggs.

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