Common Redpoll

General description.

The "Common Redpoll" has a heavily streaked brown body, but his yellow wing and tail patches are mostly concealed. This lively, acrobatic little finch spends most of its time on the ground, thereby is often overlooked. Adapted to life in the cold, it has been observed venturing into snow holes to feed on vegetation on the frozen ground.

Female appearance.

The female's markings are very similar to the male, but she lacks his pink breast.

Flight pattern.

The "Common Redpoll" can be seen feverishly flitting among trees and shrubs searching for small seeds.

Breeding habits.

The more frigid regions, the better for the "Common Redpoll", which breeds in the spruce forests and tundra of Alaska and the Northwest Territories.

Calls or song.

The most frequent song of the Redpoll is a repeated "che-che-che-tschrrr" and variations of such.

Nesting habits.

The female "Common Redpoll" weaves a nest of twigs, moss, fibers and feathers in the fork of a spruce or willow. There she lays five to six pale green eggs, spotted red and brown.

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