Cassin's Finch

General description.

This finch is larger and longer winged than the similar "Purple Finch", with distinctive fine streaking on the undertail coverts. His back is heavily streaked and washed with pink. His lower belly is white. He has a wide eyebrow. The bill is long and more pointed than other finches.

Female appearance.

The female has brown streaked upperparts. Her underparts are white with fine streaking on breast and flanks and undertail coverts. She has a noticeably pale eyebrow.

Breeding habits.

This finch breeds in the coniferous mountain regions of the Rockies, Cascades and Sierra Nevadas.

Calls or song.

The "Cassin's Finch" sings a flute-like, "chidiup".

Population and distribution.

The "Cassin's" often winter within their breeding range, but sometimes drop to lower elevations.

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