Hermit Thrush

General description.

The Hermit Thrush is the only one of the Thrushes to winter in the eastern United States and it is, therefore, the first one to reach us in the spring. The Hermit Thrush comes early in April and takes about a month to complete its migration. The Hermit Thrush rarely sings at this season and then only an echo of the heavenly music which has won for it first place among American songsters. We may know the Hermit Thrush by the season in which he visits us, by his reddish brown tail, which he slowly raises and lowers after alighting, and by the low chuck note with which he usually accomplishes this movement. The Hermit nests on the ground, laying, in the latter part of May, 3-4 greenish-blue eggs, slightly lighter in tint than those of the Wood Thrush.

Population and distribution.

The Hermit Thrush nests from Long Island (locally), the higher parts of Connecticut, and central Minnesota northward to Canada, and southward in the mountains to Maryland; winters from New Jersey and Ohio Valley to the Gulf States and Cuba.
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