Canyon Wren

General description.

Sparrow-sized, with short legs and flat body, the "Canyon Wren" can fit into nooks and crannies of rocky canyons and cliffs, where they can rarely be seen except by the most patient observer.

Breeding habits.

The "Canyon Wren" breeds and resides among canyon haunts of S. British Columbia to Mexico only as far east as South Dakota.

Calls or song.

The "Canyon Wren" throws back its head and its lovely white throat emits a series of silvery descending notes, followed by an upward flourish, "tee-tee-tee-tee-tew-tew-tew-tew", which resounds throughout the canyon walls.

Population and distribution.

With sharp claws, the "Canyon Wren" is able to creep up and down steep surfaces of rocky ledges. However, he can also be seen, in town, occupying chimneys of abandoned homes and old stone buildings.

Nesting habits.

On a foundation of twigs, this wren will form a cup of leaves, moss and spider webs, which she places in a crevice among rocks. There the "Canyon Wren" lays 4-6 white eggs, lightly speckled with reddish brown spots.

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