Brown Creeper

General description.

The Brown Creeper is a very inconspicuous bird and unless you see him drop from one tree to another, you may overlook the little figure creeping spirally upward. His weak calls are also likely to be lost in the sea of noises around him. A true bird of the bark, the Brown Creeper not only hunts upon it but builds his nest behind it, laying 5-8 white, brown-spotted eggs in May. The Brown Creeper is brown on top, with a white chest. The he Brown Creeper tail-feathers have stiffened points. The bill is slender and slightly curved. The Brown Creeper will climb a tree from the bottom in a spiral.

Female appearance.

The Brown Creeper male and female are alike.

Population and distribution.

Nests from northern New England and south along the Alleghanies to North Carolina; winters south to Florida.

Nesting habits.

Lays 5-8 white eggs, reddish brown spotted.
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