Chimney Swift

General description.

The Chimney Swift is a small bird named for the nests it often builds in chimneys. When building the nest, this bird uses its glue-like saliva to attach the nest to the wall of the structure and to hold the nest together. This bird can often be found in groups flying around trying to find the flying eats which it eats. It catches and eats these morsels mid-flight. During breeding season, this bird is monogamous. A pair builds their nest in a variety of places including many man-made structures. The female lays 2-7 eggs which the pair then care for. A pair raises one brood per year. This bird is fairly common and populations have increased since the development of artificial nest sites.

Flight pattern.

Direct with stuff wing beats. Soars on thermals.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

Bold chattering.

Population and distribution.

Fairly common.

Nesting habits.

The Chimney Swift nests in birdhouses, dead trees, logs, and buildings and lays 2-7 white eggs in May.

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