Kentish Plover

General description.

The "Snowy Plover" is whiter than the Piping Plover and is differentiated by its slender, black bill and "dusky" legs. The incomplete ring around its neck is reduced to a black mark on the side of its breast, complemented by one under its eye and on the forehead.

Breeding habits.

This bird breeds locally in the interior from California and Nevada eastward to Oklahoma and Texas.

Calls or song.

The Snowy, or "Kentish Plover" utters a low pitched and musical, "chur-ree", like the bluebird in spring.

Population and distribution.

The Snowy Plover is a non-migratory resident of the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to Mexico and along the Gulf Coast to the Florida Panhandle. It inhabits flat, open sandy beaches. Because of its muted coloring, this shorebird blends in with its environment, making it difficult to spot even though there is no vegetation in which to hide.

Nesting habits.

The Snowy Plover lays 4 buff and black spotted eggs in a hollow in the sand, lined with fragments of shells, sometimes not.

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