Green Kingfisher
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General description.

The Green Kingfisher is a small kingfisher found in Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. This bird is often hard to spot due to the fact that when it is hunting it perches close to the water when it in quiet. In order to hunt, this bird perches close to the water in a secluded and quiet area and when it spots prey, the Green Kingfisher catches it in a dive. Unlike larger kingfishers, this bird does not hover over the water, but instead perches. The Green Kingfisher nests in burrows in the ground. Populations of Green Kingfishers are put in danger by water pollution and habitat loss.

Female appearance.

Similar to male, but without the brown chest. The chest of the female Green Kingfisher is gray. The female also does not have a crest like the male does.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

tick tick or cheep

Population and distribution.

Uncommon to rare. May have declined due to loss of habitat.

Nesting habits.

The Green Kingfisher nests in burrows and lays 3-6 white eggs.

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