Marsh Wren

General description.

The Marsh Wren has a blackish brown crown and white stripe over the eye. Has a brown back with black and white markings and black bars on the wings. As well look for pond lilies on a rocky hillside as a Marsh Wren outside a marsh. Give him cat-tails for cover and to support his bulky nest and he is at home. His scolding notes betray his ancestry and his reeling, rippling song, delivered both from a perch and on fluttering wings above the reeds, suggests in form, at least, that of the House Wren.

Female appearance.


Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.


Population and distribution.

Nests from Virginia to Canada; winters from southern New Jersey to South Carolina.

Nesting habits.

The 5-9 eggs, laid in early June are uniform chocolate or thickly marked with brown.
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