Mangrove Cuckoo

General description.

The "Mangrove Cuckoo" is brown above and creamy buff below. He is is best distinguished by his black facial mask and yellow ring around the eye. His long tail is graduated with black and white spots at the tip. This cuckoo is found primarily in mangrove swamps and hammocks, but is difficult to observe, remaining hidden in dense thickets much of the time.

Breeding habits.

The "Mangrove Cuckoo" breeds in southern Florida.

Calls or song.

Like the scolding of a squirrel, the "Mangrove Cuckoo" utters a guttural "gaw-gaw-gaw-gaw-gaw".

Population and distribution.

The "Mangrove Cuckoo" is fairly common in its specialized range (the Florida Keys and adjacent Gulf Coast), but could be threatened by human development of its mangrove habitat. In winter, the cuckoo leaves for the tropics.

Nesting habits.

They build stick nests in low shrubs, and there they lay two to three pale greenish-blue eggs.

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