Common Pigeon
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General description.

The all too familiar Common Pigeon is a chunky bird with a short rounded tail and slender, plover-like bill. Two black bands adorn his wings. And yet, this the Pigeon also comes in a variety of colors from all white to rust and black. Pigeons have an interesting history as "carrier pigeons" during wartime and "homing pigeons", which are used for recreational racing today. This pigeon formerly lived on seaside cliffs in the Old World, therefore, its other name, "Rock Dove". They were brought to this country as domestic birds, but then escaped into the cities. It is surmised that pigeons carry human disease and efforts have been made to eradicate them from cities, all of which have been unsuccessful due to their prolifiration.

Breeding habits.

The Common Pigeon can be seen strutting flamboyantly in front of his lady love near any park bench.

Calls or song.

Soft gutteral cooing.

Population and distribution.

The Common Pigeon, or Rock Dove is prodigeous throughout the entire United States.

Nesting habits.

Rock Doves build untidy nests, lined with sticks and debris, on window ledges of buildings, bridges or cliffs. They produce two white eggs.

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