American Crow
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General description.

The American Crow is the one of the most recognized bird of North America. These birds are also incredibly intelligent; studies have shown that they can count and solve puzzles. This bird can often be seen attacking hawk in flight. This bird is omnivorous and eats a wide variety of items from grains to carrion. During breeding season this bird is monogamous and nests in trees and shrubs. It will also nest in birdhouses. The female lays 3-7 green eggs and the pair raises them together. A pair raises one brood per year. This bird is abundant due to its intelligent and adaptability. At one time this bird was persecuted widely. Hunters and farmer poisoned, shot, trapped, and even bombed them in the past. It is still legal to hunt these bird in most of the states.

Flight pattern.


Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

caw-caw or uh-uah

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The American Crow nests in trees, shrubs, birdhouses, and on the ground and lays 3-7 bluish green eggs in April.
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