Common Raven
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General description.

The Common Raven, also known as the Northern Raven, is a bird of amazing intelligence. This bird is known for working in groups to take down prey to large for one Raven and Ravens in captivity have been known to use tools. Not only is this an intelligent, quick learning bird, but the Common Raven also is a very adept flier. This bird can often be found in open landscapes searching for the food that it eats. This bird eats insects and tadpoles as well as nestlings and carrion. The Raven nests on a cliff or in a tree. The Raven is a common bird with populations expanding in California and in Appalachia. This bird used to be killed by people because they thought that the Raven damaged game and domestic animals.

Female appearance.

Smaller than male.

Flight pattern.

Direct. Flies in circles upwards. Soars on thermals.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

croooaaak or cur-ruk or tok

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The Common Raven nests on a platform and lays 3-7 greenish eggs in April.
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