Fish Crow

General description.

The Fish Crow, an active scavenger, often tries to force other birds to part with their food. This bird is found on the Eastern coast and is never far from water. This bird can be found foraging in marshes. It feeds on a variety of food including shellfish, bird eggs, and carrion. This bird often feeds in flocks. During breeding season pairs nest in small colonies. They nest in trees and shrubs and build a cup shaped nest. A pair raises one brood per year. The Fish Crow is common along the coast and is expanding it's range to the North and inland.

Juvenile appearance.

Similar to adult, but not glossy.

Flight pattern.

Direct with stiff wing beats. Hovers when foraging.

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.

ca-hah or aw-uk

Population and distribution.


Nesting habits.

The Fish Crow nests in trees and shrubs and lays 4-5 bluish eggs in May.

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