Blue Jay
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General description.

The Blue Jay is as beautiful as it is maligned. Yes, the Blue Jay is loud and yes, the Blue Jay does like to rob other birds' nests. The Blue Jay call is also quite harsh. But, the Blue Jay is also quite something to behold, with its bright blue colors and stunning cap. The Blue will begin building its nest in a tree in early May, and will lay 4 to 6 olive green, speckled eggs.

Female appearance.

Sexes are alike in plumage and size.

Flight pattern.

Direct, with steady wing beats, often gliding.

Calls or song.

The Blue Jay has a number of songs and calls, and does also mimic calls of hawks.

Population and distribution.

A very common bird, with a range from Canada to the gulf coast and west to Texas and Wyoming.

Nesting habits.

Nests in trees.

Buying feeders.

Blue Jays will eat from any bird feeder, unless the bird feeder is specifically designed to discourage or prevent them.
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