Fulvous Whistling Duck

General description.

The Fulvous Whistling Duck is a long-necked duck with a black tail and a distinctive V-shaped white rump. "Fulvous" for its tawny head, neck and underparts and "whistling" for the high pitched, squeaky whistling sound it makes during flight. Highly sociable and frequently found in large flocks, the Fulvous Whistling Duck roosts during the day and feeds at night. The Fulvous Whistling Duck's diet is comprised of vegetable material, seeds, and grains. It is especially fond of rice and is considered by some rice farmers to be a pest.

Female appearance.

Similar to male

Juvenile appearance.

Similar to adults but paler

Flight pattern.

Direct with slow wing beats

Breeding habits.


Calls or song.


Population and distribution.

Uncommon to fairly common

Nesting habits.

Incubation 24-26 days. Both male and female tend to nest.

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