Black-throated Blue Warbler
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General description.

Aptly named, a white patch on his primary wings completes the description of the "Black-throated Blue Warbler". This bird is easy to identify, as he retains his striking plumage year round.

Female appearance.

The female Black-throated is olive green and also wears a white patch on the wing. She has a narrow white eyebrow.

Breeding habits.

This warbler breeds in mixed woodlands from central Saskatchewan east to Quebec and Nova Scotia; south to the Great Lakes and Connecticut and throughout the mountains of Appalachia to Georgia, where they can be located among the mountain laurel.

Calls or song.

The "Black-throated Blue Warbler" sings in a husky voice, "I am la-zy".

Population and distribution.

This little warbler is most trusting and can be approached within a few feet. On the way to their summer homes, they can be observed in parks and gardens. They occasionally winter in some Gulf Coast states, but mostly in the Greater Antilles.

Nesting habits.

The "Black-throated Blue Warbler" builds a nest of bark shreds and leaves, lined with cobwebs and hair, close to the ground in a shrub or sapling. There the female lays four brown-spotted white eggs.

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